Team: An extension to your core team

A team can be from two people and upwards. From ten people and upwards you get all perks; you no longer need to think about sick leave or absence - we take care of those headaches.

Scale up

The team model is built for companies ready to scale up their operations. Free yourself of the hassle of recruitment and HR.

We handle recruitment, sick leave and social follow up. Training and quality assurance is handled through our Atender University.


Atender Core

By connecting to your systems through our own software, Atender Core, or by working directly in your systems, we can be up and running in hours. You have the flexibility to define which systems we work in, and which procedures we follow.


Questions about the Team model?

  • Can we sit with the team?

    You are more than welcome to. Permanently or when you have the need to connect with the team - you choose when you want to. Working closely with our customers is our key to success.

  • How quickly can we get started?

    How quickly we can start depends on the complexity of your product and the desired team size. Normally we are up and running within 3 months.

Ready for more?

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