How the software company fonn construction solved global support

With Customers all across the world Fonn Construction achieved a global position. Their next step was to find a partner that could solve Customer Care 24/7.


2/3 of the time spent in global construction business is unproductive. Fonn has with their software increased efficiency in construction projects, and they are attracting enormous interest.


Vilde, one of the Customer Care agents supporting Fonn Construction




For Fonn, Customer Care is essential. The Fonn-app has thousands of users at any given time, solving time-constrained tasks at the construction site. The task of supporting these users is not made simpler by the fact that Fonn are supporting time zones from the US to the Philippines.

Fonn recognized early on that they could not meet the demands of their customers and users with the core team in Norway and that they needed to extend their capacity. They chose Atender as their Customer Care Center.

With Atender as a partner Fonn can scale their Customer Care to their needs.

- We are going to conquer the US and UK markets while growing in our home market. To succeed it is essential that we can support our customers. That requires systems and good processes, and it requires that we are able to support our customers when they need support, says Daniel Skotheim Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Fonn Construction.

- We needed to professionalize our support operations and considered if we were going to build the capabilities internally or find an international partner. After researching the market we decided on Atender, and that has been a great experience. Atender came with a plan on how to learn our products, they were given access to our support logs and quickly understood our needs, Kine Lunde COO chimes in.

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"Atender quickly learned our products, were proactive with questions, and understood customer requests from day one. It has been a great experience and we look forward to the continued partnership."

Kine Lunde
COO, Fonn


Atender = Flexibility

No tie in and flexibility from month to month. Business is unpredictable. We are here to support you.