The start-up that freed up time to build a better product

Aleksander Helmersberg founded the software company Milla Says to help children with verbal communication challenges. He contacted Atender when he realised that most of his time was spent dealing with customer support, rather than improving the Milla Says app.


The Founder had to change his approach.

Aleksander started looking for a partner to support his users in the evening and during peak support hours.


Milla Says is a small Norwegian software company. When his daughter was born with Downs Syndrome in 2016, Aleksander Helmersberg was frustrated at the lack of available information about ‘sign-to-speech’ tools or good digital solutions. Ultimately this led to Aleksander deciding to quit his job and create Milla Says, a personal and digital tool for learning and sharing sign language.
When the app was launched, it was a huge success with families who had felt the same frustration as Aleksander. Unfortunately, it became difficult for him to keep up with the support requests alone, which is when Atender was came into the picture. We quickly learnt about the product and soon started handling all Milla says support requests over email, phone and chat.
That has led to happy customers and a happy founder.



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" Not only have Atender learnt my product much more quickly than I anticipated, but they are also answering my customers’ queries better and faster than I would have been able to."

Aleksander Helmersberg

Milla Says





Atender = Flexibility

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