Simple, efficient and flexible payment service for charging electric cars 

Charge365 provides payment services for charging electric cars to a number of companies and residential buildings. They tailor payment services that ensure smooth, efficient and fair cost allocation.

With the growth of the company, it became important to be able to help customers in a positive way at all hours of the day, and that is exactly what Atender helps them with.



zaptec28All pictures are taken pre pandemic.

With customers throughout Norway and ambitions to grow internationally, being available to customers is extremely important. We wanted to get help beyond the normal working hours and wanted to offer our customers 24 hour support, so that we can provide as good service as possible. The advantage in using Atender is that they handle customer requests 24/7, in addition to all cases being followed up from start to finish.

In the company, we have no ambition of creating a large internal customer center, but we are growing as a company and with that comes more customers who need our help. 

We aim to gain market share in both Norway and internationally and being able to outsource our customer service is absolutely great. We can focus on core activities during the day, Instead of being bogged down by customer requests...




Lisbeth a. Hanasand

Atender helps us with a positive customer service that copes with stress and accepts all challenges that are often solved in the first phone call. Atender has a very simple model. I feel it's very easy to set up as needed. You decide for yourself what resources you actually need, and if you need more follow-up, it's easy to adjust. It's a very good and simple model and the quality is great.

Lisbeth Håvarstein Aarrestad

Of course, new agents need training in the beginning as with everyone else. But if I were to bring someone on board internally I would probably have spent a couple of months more training them, because then I would have to take care of everything. I feel that we are gaining time, because Atender has internal training before anyone is put on the line. In Atender there is a whole team and the communication flow is good, so when the agents get started they are prepared and ready to answer customers with high quality.


Life is a little easier when we can have talented people in customer service.

Our experience so far is exclusively positive. We are increasing our engagement with Atender and I feel that speaks for itself that our partnership is a huge success.