Demand is Nearly Impossible
to plan for

Every customer deserves the same exceptional Customer Support experience. We help you deliver on demand by providing the best omni-channel customer engagement experience.

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Prepare for the

Often demand increases when you least expect it. A new campaign turns out to be great success,
unexpected media coverage drives customers to your website in droves.

atender customer support outsourcing

Our Surge Team is
ready for you

In these circumstances we can help you. Together we develop a playbook on how to handle these situations, should they ever occur. We are ready to act according to the playbook and make sure your customers receive a consistent Customer Support Experience.

atender customer support outsourcing

How do we do it?

It’s all about being prepared for the unexpected. With several other customers like you that we help on a daily basis we develop an experience to handle challenging situations in a way that is difficult for a single company to develop on their own.

atender customer support outsourcing


And for course we use tools like Slack and “video war
rooms” so that we can stay in touch constantly during
challenging times. Trust that our Customer Service Success
Managers are on top if at all times.

atender customer support outsourcing

And finally, let’s hear what Webhuset
thinks about our demand

Atender client Webhuset

Webhuset is a leading Norwegian cloud platform for domain hosting, website building, e-mail and Microsoft 365. With a lean approach to customer support, yet a relentless commitment to meeting all customers with “real people”, the need to scale operations quickly has been pivotal.

With customer support handled by Atender they are able to achieve that.

We went through a phase where we needed to scale up our capacity significantly. Atender increased our capacity by over 30% in under two months. It is impressive to see the professionalism and speed with which Atender meets our needs. We are very satisfied customers and look forward to a continued partnership”.
- Andreas Bakke, Webhuset

No contract tie-ins and ability to change support capacity quickly, while maintaining quality, is at the core of the Atender offering. Something Webhuset certainly have benefitted from.