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Expensive night shifts? Maybe your team members need to be able to focus on their tasks and not focus on call handling? Filter out unnecessary calls?

Let us handle your hotline support. We answer in your name, and your customers will always feel they are speaking to a representative from your company. We gather necessary information before escalating according to set procedures.


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"Our technicians really appreciate not having to be first line of communication to our customers at night."

Andreas Bakke




Atender Core

Create efficiency
The software Atender Core is developed to ensure efficient workflows and communication. Atender Core logs and tracks all incidents and subsequent follow up. It is also here our agents handle all incoming tickets, e-mails, alarms, telephone call and chat notifications.

Atender University

Creating value

Culture and competence is key to creating the right team. Through different programs we make sure our people grow and deliver quality to all our customers.

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