Atender Operations Center.

24 hours a day. 365 days a year. We are always monitoring your critical activities. Anything that requires human surveillance of systems, alarms and/or telephones and where action is required - 24/7 availability.



Join us at the Atender Operations Center

Join us for a visit at the Atender Operations Center — learn more about Operations and our Atender University.

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From Founders to global Corporations.

Through our models Flex and Team our products and services are applicable for companies of all sizes. Fill in the form and we will follow up with pricing and product information.




"It is impressive to follow the growth of Atender and how quickly new team members are in production after attending Atender University."

Andreas Bakke




Atender Core

Create Efficiency

The software Atender Core is developed to ensure efficient workflows and communication. Core logs and tracks all incidents and subsequent follow up. It is also here our agents handle all incoming tickets, e-mails, alarms, telephone call and chat notifications.


Atender University

Creating value

Culture and Competence is key to creating the right team. Through different programs we make sure our people grow and deliver quality to all our customers.

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Atender = Flexibility

With Atender you can scale your service needs up and down as needed. Extend to evening, weekend or 24/7 services if needed.