People Are Everything.

We are a positive and energetic Customer Care team who believes in making the workplace better.
Life is too short to be uninspired by your work.

Ready to talk to us?

We create careers

We employ Customer Support people who want to get somewhere. We are all on a mission to a great career, we want to learn something new and most importantly: We want to perform and reach the next level.

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Check our numbers

Our ultimate KPI is employee satisfaction. In fact it is the one metric we have measured continuously since our beginning. Every week we measure the satisfaction company wide, and over the last year our eNPS has averaged at 74 - three times the industry standard.

Are we proud? You bet we are.

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Talk to our people

As we always say: Don’t take our word for it. You are always welcome to talk to any of our employees about their work and experience of working at Atender. We can set up a video call, or....

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...come visit us

We love to have guests at our head office in Malaga,
Spain. A beautiful city with the best climate in the
whole of mainland Europe it ain’t a bad place to spend
a few days :)

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And finally, let’s hear what Zaptec
thinks about our people

atender customer support outsourcing Zaptec

Zaptec is quickly becoming a leading global provider of EV chargers. Through leading-edge green tech they have succeeded in providing the leading technical solution in the market. In addition they manage EV charging subscriptions and payments through their fully owned subsidiary Charge365. In their business they need top quality Customer Support with 24/7 availability.

“Together with Atender we offer a 24/7 support to all our customers. Atender, through their flexibility, has adapted to our needs as they have quickly changed as a result of our rapid growth. The quality is great!” - Lisbeth A. Hanasand

Zaptec combines dedicated teams with the flexibility of a 24/7 team where they “pay-as-they-go”. This combination has given them the possibility of rapidly scaling and adapting their customer service capacity whilst maintaining the high quality support they are known for.

“With Atender our ability to adapt our customer service operations to the exponential commercial growth our company is experiencing is easy. The internal training Atender completes with their agents makes them ready to go when they are onboarded to our team. My life is a little easier when we have such talented people handling our customer support” - Lisbeth A. Hanasand