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A program for professional and personal growth.



A whole career

We have built Atender University with industry experts and educators. All team members start with Customer Care and Customer Interaction courses, which is followed by product specific coursing.

Our University follows our team members throughout their employment with us. Continous development is achieved through constant feedback and encouragement







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The first thing our new Customer Care heroes meet at Atender is training in customer communications. The course includes training in customer care, security, and GDPR.

Through role play and real life examples we prepare our team members for the task at hand. The course is hands-on and created to engage. To complete the course, all team members have to pass a test which lets them move on to the next step: Product.


Product training

All team members work with one or multiple of our Customer products and they therefore need thorough training in these to satisfy Customer demands. Our product training courses are customised to our different customers. Our most basic program lasts for a few hours, our most extensive is an 8 week course.

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Throughout employment with us our Customer Care heroes will have the possibility to take specialized courses. We have programs for team leads, HR, marketing, sales and technical error correction.

Work at Atender is full of excitement, and it is a perfect place for me to fulfill my potential and achieve growth.
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Vilde Caspara
Team Member, Malaga

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