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Whilst people is the most important factor for success;
technology helps us get even better.

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Be where your
customers are

Channels are important

We’ll get you up and running in all channels in no time. Email, wechat, SMS, Whatsapp, Messenger - you name it.

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Platforms aren’t
Important to us

Platform agnostic

Thanks to our smart technology it doesn’t matter to us which helpdesk you use and prefer. Our technology makes sure we can work with your helpdesk of choice.

Atender Customer Care

We get you up to
speed - quickly

Although we love integrations, no technology integrations are needed to get started - which means you can be up and running with Atender Customer Support by tomorrow. When and if it makes sense to integrate deeper with your tech stack, we have developers and a tech team ready.

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Reduce friction is
our middle name

By using your existing tech stack we have removed the complexity of getting started. It’s that simple. If you do want us to advise on your system setup, or set it up for you, we are more than happy to do that too. No friction for you! That's why we say Customer Support Outsourcing made easy!

atender customer support outsourcing

Let’s hear what CuttingRoom
thinks about our platform

Atender client Cutting Room

CuttingRoom provides next-generation video editing, live clipping and publishing platform. Having been part of a larger group CuttingRoom split out as a separate corporation in 2022.

“When we started CuttingRoom we already had major media companies in our customer portfolio. Our support operations had previously been handled by the larger group we used to be a part of and we needed to find a solution quickly. Atender did our full tech setup and established support routines and procedures. For us as a startup it was essential to find a partner that could support us in this.” - Glenn Skare Pedersen

For CuttingRoom it was essential that their support organization was closely linked to their technical team. By building on their Jira setup, and tying that into our software used by our 24/7 teams we were able to setup a custom workflow that is completely adapted to the needs of CuttingRoom.

“Thanks to bringing in Atender we have been able to keep our focus on continuing to develop our product and bringing it to market rather than spending time on helpdesk setup. Removing that friction has enabled us to keep focus and momentum.” - Glenn Skare Pedersen